Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jewish Jewelry, Mix Of Ancient And Modern

Jewish Jewelry, also called Kabbalah and Judaica jewelry is a beautiful mix of ancient and current fashion designs.
Jewish jewelry is composed by Hebrew motifs, such as the Star of David, Hamsa hand of G-d, Hoshen, Hai amulet, Hebrew prayers, Names of G-d , symbols, and letters. Jewish jewelry display the Hebrew sacred letter sequences. Kabbalah and Jewish jewelry incorporates prominent Jewish motifs, have a strong appeal to Jewish and non-Jewish people worldwide.  Contemporary handcrafted Jewish jewelry and accessories hand made using the finest materials , designs and craftsmanship.
Handcrafted Kabbalah and Jewish jewelry has become a necessary and all essential fashion accessory in the wardrobe of every man and woman worldwide. Handmade Judaica jewelry adds a flash of style and charm to what can be an ordinary outfit making you look extraordinary. Handmade Jewish jewelry including rings, bands , spinners, pendants and earrings can highlight your outfit and will make you stand out in a crowd and  grab the attention where ever you go.
The main reason shoppers love Jewish and Hebrew jewelry is the energetic positive power of the Hebrew letters. Each of the twenty-two Hebrew letters rules spiritual powers and carries its own energy:

  • Energy
  • Life
  • Light

Jewish jewelry accessories are engraved with Hebrew letters, words and sentences from the Bible, Hebrew blessings, Hebrew prayers and holy sources.
Now a day’s shoppers worldwide, Jewish and non-Jewish are attracted to the magical appeal of the Hebrew letters, words and history that comes along with it.

Hebrew and Jewish Jewelry in contemporary Judaica become popular for artists worldwide. Contemporary Judaica Jewelry designers create Judaic jewelry using the Jewish special symbols by combining ancient with modern.
This special mix of jewelry elements increase the popularity of Jewish jewelry in the recent years.
Jewish jewelry items are decorated with Hebrew letters and words from the holy sources which are engraved on the jewelry items on three major styles:

  • Ancient. Hebrew
  • Hand-written Hebrew
  • Modern Hebrew

Hebrew and Jewish jewelry include holy text from the bible. Theses verses are taken from the “Book of Psalms” and “The Song of Songs”. One of the best known songs is Shir Lamalot (Song of Accents), from the book of Psalms. The main purpose of these  verses, is to provide G-d’s protection and good luck.
Popular engravings on Jewish and Hebrew jewelry includes quotations from Hebrew  prayers , blessings. and special occasions such as jewelry for Jewish wedding.
Another popular amulet is the Hebrew word “Hai”, which means “Life” in Hebrew which represent a special spiritual number in Judaism.
Inscription of powerful prayer on Hebrew and Jewish jewelry is considered a virtue for blessing, protection  against the evil eye and good health.

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